Turkish Visa form fully filled and signed.

  • Valid Passport and photocopy (The Passport should be valid for at least 6 Month that the date of Visa application.)
  • passport photos  (6cm×5cm )with white background Colour, photos should not be stapled to the Form.
  • Application Fee  (Non Refundable )
  • Flight Reservation / Booking with confirm Dates.

5 – Proof of Accommodation

  • *Comfirmed hotel reservation for the whole period of your stay in Turkey. Address and the reservation dates should be stated.
  • *If you are staying with Family and friends, it should be stated on official invitation letter sent by your host in Turkey.

Financial Guarantee

  • *Your Last 6 Month bank statement with reference letter showing transaction and your full name.
  • *A letter from your employer in Nigeria mentioning your annual salary, your position, date of leave.
  • *If yourfinancial means are not sufficient or if you are a student in Nigeria, you may also provide commitment letter from your sponsor starting he/she will be responsible for your expenses, proof of his/her financial means and  copy of their passports.

Students should provide their ” Students I’Ds “

  • If you are a business person in Nigeria, you should also present: Income Tax Clearance Certificate ( 1 Original + 1 Copy).

For application Under 18 Years old

  • A parental authorization letter from the “Court” or “Notary” if not traveling with both parents.
  • Birth Certificate ( 1 Original + 1 Copy )
  • For Non Working Spouses
  • *One copy of wedding certificate.

” Vaccination Card ” for yellow fever and typhoid disease.
National I’D Card ( 1 Original + 1 Copy )

Travel health insurance which covers the entire period of intended Stay Or Transit. (ONLY BY MZ VİSA)